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Egipto y Dubai

Departures in November 2022

Day 1: CAIRO (H)

Arrival at Cairo airport, assistance and transfer to the hotel. Free time in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, located on the banks of the Nile River and witness to the first great civilization of humanity. Known by the inhabitants of the country as the "Mother of the World" for its ancient history. Accommodation.

Day 2: CAIRO (Pyramids) (MP)

Breakfast. We will begin the visit with one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, built by Cheops around 2550 BC, as well as the pyramids of Khafre and Micerinos, we will enjoy some time to take pictures. Just 500m away we find the Great Sphinx , an imposing sculpture with a human head and a lion's body sculpted in rock, which symbolizes the strength and wisdom of the pharaoh. We will continue the visit in the papyrus museum, where they will show us the handmade elaboration of the Papyri, as well as the meaning of the different engravings. Lunch at a local restaurant. After this, we enter the Egyptian Museum where we find paintings, statues, reliefs, funerary elements, war chariots, weapons, sculptures, canopic vessels, gold and ivory scepters, as well as ritual objects as well as the Treasure of Tutankhamun. We will go to the citadel of Saladin, a medieval fortress located at the top of Cairo and from where we will enjoy a wonderful view of the city; we will enter the Mosque of Mehmet Ali Pasha known as the Alabaster Mosque, for being the material with which the exterior of the lower floors of the same is covered, its large prayer room is beautifully decorated with mosaics and inlays of precious stones . We finished the visit at the hotel. Afternoon at your leisure to stroll and/or shop at the Khan el Khal Ili Bazaar, the most famous market in the Middle East. Its origin dates back to the year 1382 when the Mamluk sultan Djaharks el-Jalili decided to build a resting place for merchants. The market is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo. Accommodation. Note: Entrance to the interior of the pyramids not included.


Breakfast. Transfer to the airport early in the morning to take a regular flight to Luxor. Arrival and transfer to the ship to carry out the boarding and accommodation procedures. We begin the visit in the Valley of the Kings, known by the Egyptians as Ta-sekhet-ma'at, where the tombs of the main Pharaohs of the New Kingdom are located. We continue towards the Colossi of Memnon, two impressive statues of Amenophis II, built 3,400 years ago and which presided over his funerary temple located on the western bank of the Nile, which, with a height of 18 m and a weight of 1,300 tons, show the pharaoh with his hands on my knees looking at the Rising Sun. We arrive at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a funerary temple unique in its style, built in the form of enormous terraces on 3 levels, the third level being the most important, being embedded in the mountain. The temple is dedicated to Amón-Ra although we find rooms dedicated to Hathor and Anubis. Hatshepsut, wife of Turmosis II who assumed the regency when her husband died, was one of the most important female pharaohs in the history of Egypt. We continue to the Valley of the Queens, where the tombs of princesses and wives of pharaohs are located. Full board on the boat. Accommodation on board. Note: In the Valley of the Kings, the explanation of the tombs that are visited inside them is not allowed. For that reason our guide will give you the information outside (the Tomb of Tutankhamun is not included since all the treasures are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Day 4: LUXOR (Karnak) - EDFU (PC)

Full board on board. In the morning, we will visit the Luxor temple, one of the best preserved temples of Ancient Egypt that was built between 1400 and 1000 BC. by Amenophis III and Ramses II dedicated to Amun-Ra, Mut (Amun's wife represented by a vulture) and Khonsu. At the entrance to the temple we find a great Pylon, which has a front of more than 65m where the bas-reliefs that recount the military campaign of Ramses II against the Hittites as well as the famous poem of the Pentaur are sculpted. We will continue our visit to the Karnak Temple, the largest built in the pharaonic era dedicated to the God Amun Ra (God of the Sun and Love), it is surrounded by a colossal adobe wall approximately 8m thick and 2400m long. We access the complex through the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes to find ourselves inside the largest place of worship where the pharaohs competed to erect buildings and obelisks to honor the God Amun. The complex contains within it the great sacred lake, as well as the temple of Amun and other smaller temples. At the end of the visit, we return to the ship to begin the navigation to Edfu, passing through the Esna lock built to save the Nile's more than 10-meter difference in level, being an obligatory passage for all ships. Arrival in Edfu where we will visit the Temple of Horus (God represented by a Falcon) son of Isis and Osiris, one of the most beautiful temples of the Ptolemaic era in an exceptional state of conservation. Return to the ship and accommodation on board.


Full board on board. We will sail to Kom Ombo where we will visit its temple, the only temple dedicated to two gods: Sobek, God with the head of a crocodile and a human body, and Horus the elder. The structure of the temple is symmetrical, with two halves separated by a main axis, which makes it an atypical temple. Its double design suggests that there were duplicate patios, corridors and rooms for the two Gods. As a curiosity we can see medical instruments of the time on its walls, which is why this temple has always been related to medicine. In addition, in the courtyard we will find a Nilometer, an ancient system for measuring the level of the Nile River. At the exit of the temple we will pass through the museum that houses a collection of 22 mummified crocodiles of different sizes, as well as crocodile coffins, wooden sarcophagi , eggs, etc We will return to the ship and sail to Aswan. At night we will enjoy the party of the djellabas that can be purchased at a reasonable price in the local markets. Accommodation on board.

Day 6: ASWAN (PC)

Full board on board. On this day, we will visit the city of Aswan with the Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, goddess of love, which is located on an island that we will access by boat. According to legend, when King Osiris was killed by his brother, who scattered his body throughout the country, his wife Isis picked them up and took refuge on the Island of Philae to rebuild it. Later, we will visit the quarry with the Unfinished Obelisk, a granite mass 40 meters long and weighing more than 1,000 tons that makes up one of the most important mysteries in the archaeological world; and later the Aswan Dam, one of the largest dams in the world, which gave rise to Lake Nasser, which has a length of more than 500 km. In the afternoon we will take a ride on the typical sailing boats of the area called feluccas. At night we will enjoy a show of typical Bedouin dances with folk music and a farewell party. Accommodation. NOTE: First thing in the morning, those passengers who wish will have the possibility of taking an optional excursion by plane to the Temple of Abu Simbel, ordered to be built by Ramses II. Thanks to the extraordinary rescue carried out by UNESCO, the two rock-cut temples were transported 65 meters higher and 210 meters from their original location, to save it from the waters when Lake Nasser was created. The four colossal statues of 20 meters high, located two on each side of the entrance of the Great Temple, are carved directly into the mountain and represent Ramses II on his throne, under these gigantic statues we find smaller statues that represent the enemies conquered Nubians, Hittites and Libyans. The small temple or temple of Hathor was built by Ramses II for his wife Nefertari, also adorned with colossi along the front, three on each side of the entrance representing Ramses and his queen Nefertari, four statues of the king and two of the queen, with 10 meters of height. The prestige of the queen with these statues is clear, since normally the woman was represented on a much smaller scale than that of the pharaoh, while in Abu Simbel Nefertari she is represented at the same size as Ramses. This Temple is also significant because it is the second time in ancient Egyptian history that a ruler dedicated a temple to his wife; The first was Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled from 1353-1336 BC, who dedicated a temple to his wife Nefertiti. If you wish to visit the temples of Abu Simbel, you must indicate this upon arrival in Egypt.


Breakfast. Disembark and transfer to the airport. Departure on a regular flight to Cairo. Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day free in the current capital of the country, which has a population of over 16 million inhabitants. It was founded a thousand years ago by the Fatimid (al Muzz Ledin El Lah El Fatimi) and is considered the largest city in Africa, the most chaotic and the most pleasant. Accommodation.


Breakfast. Free time until transfer to Cairo airport to take your flight (not included) to Dubai. Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day free. Accommodation.

Day 9: DUBAI (City tour and 4x4 Safari) (PC)

Breakfast. We will start the day, visiting the Bastakia area, with its old merchant houses, galleries, restaurants and cafes. Next, we'll head towards the 225-year-old Al Fahidi Fortress. It is here that the Dubai Museum preserves valuable archives about the city's past and chronicles its various phases of development. Later, we will board an "Abra", a traditional boat known as a water taxi, to cross the Creek while enjoying the spectacular views. We will continue to the exotic and aromatic Souk of Spices and the Gold Bazaars. Lunch at a local restaurant. Finally, we will go up to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world with 828 meters. Back to the hotel. In the early afternoon, we will leave in a 4x4 to go on a desert safari. We will enjoy spectacular scenery and pass through camel farms. We will also make a stop to appreciate the magic of the sunset in Arabia where we can surf in the sand dunes. Next, we will arrive at the traditional Arab camp where we will enjoy a barbecue dinner with a live belly dance show under a sea of ​​stars. They can smoke the aromatic shisha (water pipe) and, for the most daring, ride a camel or get painted with henna. Return to the hotel and accommodation.

Day 10: DUBAI (Sharjah) (AD)

Breakfast. Free morning to carry out your personal activities. In the afternoon, departure for the visit to the Emirate of Sharjah, where they will visit the Blue Souk, known for the sale of handicrafts. You will pass by the Faisal Mosque, which has been a gift from the late King Faisal to the Emirate of Sharjah; and the Museum of Civilization, where there is a sampler of unique Islamic works. Return to Dubai. Accommodation.

Day 11: DUBAI (Dhow Cruise) (MP)

Breakfast. Free day in which you can take the opportunity to make purchases in one of the innumerable "Malls" of the city. In the evening, we will enjoy dinner aboard a traditional Arabian boat, the Dhow, with round-trip transfers with an English-speaking chauffeur. We will taste a dinner of traditional Arab and international food while the Dhow sails under the moonlight. The main emblematic buildings of Dubai shine with their own light in the starry night sky. Return to the hotel and accommodation.

Day 12: DUBAI (B)

Breakfast. Meeting in the hotel hall with our Spanish-speaking assistant and transfer to the airport. End of our services.

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